02 February 2006

my latest novel - "the hope edition" (from the wolves lp, released march 6, import available for preorder here.)

in brief : found : the people who read belle & sebastian's liner notes.

i've been sitting on this album for a short while, and for all of that time i've been trying to pick the right track to represent the special stuff my latest novel have put together on their debut album.

of course, i'd already selected the right track, months ago : "sister sneaker, sister soul." wolves is a bit like smile in that it seems totally modular, w/ pieces and structures that are endlessly arranged and rearranged. unlike smile, there's a "good vibrations" in "sister sneaker," but not "surf's up"--perhaps it's a bit of a smirk, then. which makes picking another so difficult.

in the end, i decided to post a song that seemed to contain all of the elements in the most attractive fashion. be forewarned : it is a bit like picking up a novel in the middle and only being allowed to read ten pages or so. you may find the style beguiling, but you'll think it ends too soon and there's no resolution. oh, but those constituent parts : "the hope edition" contains the wispiest strings i've ever heard, so altered that the sound seems totally removed from the physical process used to create it; the mercury rev influence i spotted earlier continues unabated w/ what sounds like either a bowed saw or really expert whistling; and handclaps, of course, always handclaps.

it's a bit like a newspaper providing the first chapter of a novel. i really hope it gets you hooked. in this era of short attention spans, my own included, wolves is the rare album that i listen to as just that.

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