24 February 2006

sondre lerche - "minor detail" (from the duper sessions lp, released march 21, available for preorder here.)

in brief : sondre lerche returns w/ the musical equivalent of a drawn breath.

"minor detail" is a minor detour for sondre lerche, away from classic pop and back to pop standards. lerche's been at this sort of thing a long time, since he was 18 ... which was only five years ago, but before norah jones, michael buble, jamie cullum, etc. although the cover of the album looks like the capital records studio, ca. 1955, lerche is naturally more of a songwriter than a singer, taking after the cole porters and jerome kerns of the world. it's the kind of song in which the "minor" in the title denotes the key and the piano is our hero's date, just like they used to write them.

the lead single from the forthcoming duper sessions, "minor detail" is early morning music, though it isn't wee small hours kind of music. instead, it's music for the hours many of us keep during the week, seven a.m. showers and crowded commutes. it's music to soundtrack the lamentable return to full consciousness and for the wiping away of cobwebs and other things.


liz said...

that was a lovely description of the song! i didnt realise he was so young. that's mad. want to see him live, now.

..i wish i wasn't aware of jamie callum's existence.

fred said...

thank you for the kind words, liz.

he's playing new york in april; i hope the tickets are reasonably priced.

i might lose myself a reader here, but ... i didn't think the last jamie cullum album was so bad--indeed, i even posted an mp3 from it!