21 February 2006

the chameleons - "nostalgia" (from the what does anything mean? basically lp, available for purchase here.)

in brief : it'll leave a mark.

"nostalgia" starts like a ticking clock and closes like a door shut for the last time.

from this, their v. first single, the chameleons were masters of a burly, muscular sadness, embodied by refrains like, "tomorrow, i'll remember yesterday." i often truck w/ a more feminized kind of sadness, the sort early '80s peers of the chameleons specialized in, but, really, there are so many times one can take to his or her bed over romantic disappointment. sometimes, you want to meet it head on w/ a tear in your eye and a fire in your heart. this attitude is present in every syllable mark burgess spits, his voice sinewy and commanding; the song ends w/ a restatement of the title, already one of my favorite ploys, but when burgess bellows it, and the band rages like u2 if their first album were called men, i also feel like pumping my fist or something. surely, nietzsche would approve.

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