27 February 2006

the violets - "carnival" (from the descend / carnival single, import available for purchase here.)

in brief : more catch-up; by the time "carnival" is through, you'll be caught up too.

at one time or another, angular records, the triple-a ball of british indie rock, has been home to vs&l favorites art brut, bloc party, the long blondes, and luxembourg. the violets are proof that the farm system hasn't dried up just yet.

lead singer alexis sounds not unlike siouxsie sioux, though, on evidence, i'd hate to be the one who had to tell her that, esp. if she found the comparison unflattering. she shouldn't though, b/c i refrain from making such comparisons while those around me succumb to facile claims. the siouxsie comparison rings most true when one realizes that, despite a ferocious band at their backs--the violents is more like it--both women remain the most fearsome element of the group.

indeed, the violets as a band aren't the banshees; they're something else entirely. imagine the pop group playing down the death disco--and, jesus, when was the last time anyone had reasonable recourse to a pop group reference? of course, they're better than that, b/c they're led by a chick. and i say "chick" w/ the utmost respect and regard.

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