16 February 2006

the arrogants - "butterflies" (from the you've always known when best to say goodbye lp, available for purchase here.)

at the beginning of the new year, when faced w/ roughly 260 days on which i needed to provide good new music, i felt like--well, i wondered at what point i'd call it a day.

now, i've reached the point where i've too much good new music, so much so that i need to disrupt the normal format of this site. so, tonight, instead of providing you w/ old music you might have missed, here's new music you might have missed.

over a week ago, i received an email from jana, lead singer of the arrogants. i get a few of these e-mails; v. rarely is the music something i'm enthusiastic about posting. "butterflies," though, is really good, something of a cure-all for those of us still suffering from valentine's day hangovers.

it's immensely likeable and it commits itself to memory w/ alarming ease. it's somewhere between the velvets' "after hours" and audrey hepburn's performance of "moon river." it's a tune you may find yourself whistling near day's end; and a tune we all might prefer, poised on the brink of sleep, hearing someone else singing to us, whispersoft.


the band's official site is here; more mp3's can be heard here.

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