23 February 2006

the harrisons - "blue note" (from the blue note single, import available for purchase here.)

in brief : like the jam, only w/o the fussy politics, coming to a lager commercial near you--but don't hold that against them.

more appropriate band name : the wellers, as they sound nothing like beatle george. less appropriate band name : the style council : this is "modern world," all mod cons-era jam, probably w/o the haircuts and jackets. of course, if this really was the jam, the reference to alcohol would be all about how the working man drowns his sorrows and the "beautiful days" could be about, i don't know, the prague spring.

happily, this isn't the case! this is the kind of music that strikes something so essential that i don't really mind that they overuse the chorus or that they're not up to much. b/c, basically, they have a drummer and he knows the beat i want to walk to when i get out of work. file under : 5 o'clock world.

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