20 February 2006

kelley stoltz - "ever thought of coming back" (from the below the branches lp, available for purchase here.)

in brief : i fucking love this song. how's that?

i've been sitting on this far too long. the album's been out two weeks now. you own it, right?

if you answered "no," here's reason enough to reconsider. "ever thought of coming back" is like a carl wilson demo for 20 / 20--stoltz even sounds exactly like carl, ca. wild honey, particularly the high notes that end the even lines in the verses. "demo" only refers to the recording quality : he's another one of these bedroom genii. "ever thought" is a-side quality all of the way. "carl wilson," meanwhile is no slight : we all know the man could sing : his voice on the choruses even makes "kokomo" go down easy every once in awhile. carl, however, also penned "feel flows," "long promised road," and "trader" and, following brian's taking to his bed, he's the reason the band kept from becoming a mike love museum piece twenty years early, keeping the band on the charts w/ his production of "i can hear music."

but, yes, this is about kelley stoltz. the titular question is posed cheekily enough to jesus and, in so doing, he makes "ever thought of coming back" an apt companion to that neko case song from not too long ago. it would seem, after all, that it's not george w. bush who's inspired musical creativity, but the fetishization of end times by one of his biggest supporters, american evangelicals. on this evidence, i say bring on the rapture! rapture again? ah, yeah, again and again!

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