21 October 2005

my latest novel - "sister sneaker sister soul" (from the sister sneaker sister soul single, import available for purchase here.)

in brief : oh, well, maybe one ...

the band name sounds like a belle & sebastian side project, while the song suggests a b&s who go out of doors once in a while and own amplifiers. it would also fit in well on the second half of funeral, and , for some reason, i want to sing "car wash hair" along to it. so, two parts of epic indie rock, one part thoughtful, introspective songwriting--the aural equivalent of a note passed to the object of one's affection, asking "do you like me? yes. no. circle one," w/ the fate of the world hanging in the balance.

more sweater weather music, in other words: the solo violin during the expansive instrumental section is like a soft wind ruffling whatever leaves are left in the trees. when the guitar enters, my latest novel will send you back indoors, seeking the comfort of a warm bath and a hot cocoa. enjoy these times.


Tom said...

This song is exceptional. It's melencholic, but the singer finds a kind of hope in his little lull. It's like life throws everything at you, and you're done,everything is over, but you still can't help but smile.

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