21 February 2006

trespassers william - "i don't mind" (from the having lp, released february 28, available for preorder here.)

if you're new to the band, trespassers william is a socal act that really sounds so ca. '90 uk (see bonus track for further proof). the band's socal roots show b/c they sound like mazzy star, only w/o the capes (mazzy star always struck me as esp. florid; add in the late-60s influence and i can totally see them in capes, hanging around castles and shit). both acts tend toward languor, but that's more down to tempo : they've different ways of making the most of their guitars. trespassers william takes long, slow cliff dives, w/ splashes like sonic booms. this is music that slows time, music made for lovers lying side-by-side.

BONUS! if you're catching up w/ the band and what a sense of where there head is at, here is their cover of ride's "vapour trail" from their debut. keep in mind that they use guitars more than they do here; perhaps it was wisest to refuse the anxiety of influence and not follow ride directly.

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