13 February 2006

the flaming lips - "pompeii am götterdämmerung" (from the at war with the mystics lp, released april 4, available for preorder here.)

in brief : the flaming lips return to their roots. sort of.

mellotron. church organ. guitar squalls. title, not only in german, but referring to a cataclysmic scene and to the v. twilight of the gods, no less. ambition here vaults like cathedral ceilings, recalling the heavier moments of ungainly-title psych-pop acts like we all together and it's a beautiful day. certainly this must be more amenable to the flaming lips faithful than cod-r&b and kylie minogue covers.

bear in mind : "jesus shootin' heroin," this is not. a pattern is being established here, you'll noticed; positive things will be said, only to be followed by an em dash and a qualifying statement, a strategy that comes in handy when discussing at war with the mystics. for instance, notice i said "psych"--not "acid"; and when i used the word "heavy," i meant so in the 60's usage of the word--not the 70's. unlike yoshimi, it has edges--but that's a long way off from calling it "edgy." it's nuggets-grade psych, and one probably can't say that about any of their records since clouds taste metallic--but it remains radio friendly.

you know ... just in case.

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