07 February 2006

the sundays - "here's where the story ends" (from the reading, writing and arithmetic lp, available for purchase here.)

she says, "the books that you read were all I loved you for." oh, harriet, you can be so unkind; and you can't even bring yourself to look in my direction. but we boys know why we loved her, and love her still : it's the little smile that lights up her face and the giggle in her voice as she says the most devastating, debilitating things. there is much to be said in favor of that kind of girl, the girl who breaks your heart and then writes a song that makes it sound like she's the aggrieved party, while bringing in her new boyfriend to play guitar just to kick you while you're on the ground. it all ends in tears, yes, but the sweetest of tears, trickling down your cheek as you mend your broken heart and clutch your battered ribs.

we forgive the pretty girls so, so much.

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Trixie said...

Classic! And much lovelier than the cover