01 February 2006

loose fur - "wreckroom" (from the born again in the usa lp, album released march 7, available for preorder here.)

in brief : a marriage of convenience for tweedy & o'rourke, w/ glenn kotche as a witness.

in the loose fur limited partnership, jeff tweedy gets to remake being there over and over, only w/ xylophones, and still be called progressive; jim o'rourke gets to have people hear his music. glenn kotche, for his part, is probably v. happy that he has an additional stream of income.

yeah, so loose fur is basically two of the wilco boys getting to make the kind of music they used to make before radiohead released kid a and totally fucked their shit up. it's also more experimental and free-form than even patient and faithful wilco fans are willing to put up w/ these days. (one has to imagine that the drone on a ghost is born was some kind of line in the sand.)

"wreckroom," then, is probably just what you image from its title. it has a melody and lyrics, but not a lot of either. eventually, it's just a place for o'rourke and tweedy to throw shit at the walls and see what sticks, while kotche perhaps wonders why, out of all of his bandmates, tweedy chose him to be in the group (maybe he fell in love w/ the drummer?). it's fantastic shit, though, as shit goes, esp. if one is a fan of another green world--check out those guitars, for one. it's a fascinating listen and, at the v. least, may give you an idea of what the next wilco album will be like.

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