30 October 2008

this was my first post back this time around. i managed to save it from google cache. the same, alas, cannot be said of my post on girls aloud, which is gone for good. (n.b. d.m.c.a.: links have been removed.)

but, really, passion pit?

it's enough to start me blogging again. why passion pit?

they're a v. v. nice band, and i will mildly disagree w/ anyone who doesn't think so, but admittedly wouldn't put up too much of a fight. i can't hate any band whose music consistently turn tangerine this synesthete's dream screen, or who namechecks scritti politti on their last.fm profile, even if it's a lie. (an aside: the lady & i briefly considered a website that put forth the worst images & text on last.fm profiles. it would have been called least.fm.)

"sleepy head" features a sample that would have been (would be?) at home on a just blaze production, but is utterly wasted by both a shitty-sounding recording and a tune of little consequence. the rest of the chunk of change ep or wtf/ever leads me to the following conclusion: indie types have finally finally found an electronic act w/ l train sensibilities & vocals.

i left the annex show last night after the little boots performance, before the 'pit played--an adjunct professor's job is literally never done. i love her; seeing her at the annex was great b/c i was so close i could have touched her tenori-on. & if i was as obnoxious as, say, the entire front row w/ their cameras, digital & otherwise, i might have shouted my genius suggestion that she cover o. newton-john's "magic" for her FUNTIMES!! series.

oh, about those cameras! oh, cmj! i had forgotten what the "c" stood for--the m & j for that matter, too, but that's less consequential. against a monolithic stack of evidence, it does not stand for "cock" &/or "cunt," although you'd be forgiven for thinking otherwise. given the amount of cameras in her face, you'd think she was britney spears, & a baby fell out of her vagina, & it wasn't a baby but barack obama, who was allegedly in hawaii, but!

i thought i detected that a girl standing next to me was pissed off b/c she'd been squeezed out of the front row, and was saying as much to anyone who'd listen to her instead of, uh, little boots who was starting "stuck on repeat." i occasionally kept an eye on her; during the performance, which was v. good (after some technical difficulties--say what you will about guitar bands, but ... ), she was looking at the photos she did manage to get, while the rest of those around her w/o cameras, & some w/, danced. it's moments like this i'm glad i don't have a shitty website to flog.

... but maybe it made feel nostalgic? oh, i had intended on writing about oasis (!) a month or so ago, but it so happened that on that same evening my car was impounded and instead of writing about "the shock of the lightning" ("for the first 33 seconds, we've secretly replaced oasis w/ stereolab, good stereolab--let's see if anyone notices")--i say, instead of writing about their comeback single, i'm trying to suss out how it was that my insurance co. sent me the wrong plates.

let me say, though, to the girl in front of me at the annex: you're awesome. totally was into it, reminding me of why i love cmj. late of the pier, at music hall of williamsburg, also had this effect. it occurred to me that, live, they're a mix of saturday morning cartoons & 8-bit nintendo interstitials--& that if judd apatow ever wants to do a british version of freaks & geeks, well, there's his cast.

ok, so this wasn't a complete waste of time for you, and to continue a tradition that assured that this website never has, or ever will, hobnob w/ the buzzworthy--a real joe six-pack, me--apropos of nothing i post an AMAZING tearchoked cover of the human league's "louise" by tony christie, from his forthcoming made in sheffield album overseen by vs&l fave richard hawley, to be released in the uk on november 10, featuring songs by oakey, cocker, hawley, turner & others ("others" = "less famous--more likely still, you've never heard of them").

in other news, hi.
i know it's been two years since i last blogged, but my this is a new blog order.

two posts: two dmca notifications.

anyone out there dealt w/ this before? does one actually bother going through the counter notification process?