06 February 2006

the pipettes - "your kisses are wasted on me" (from the your kisses are wasted on me single, released march 6, import available for preorder here.)

in brief : latest single from my newest favorite band forever and secret girlfriends.

"your kisses are wasted on me" proves that these gift-wrapped kitty cats have claws. whereas "dirty mind" started off all creamy, dreamy, and trilly, "your kisses" begins w/ an almost martial beat and chants of the title, real playground stuff. now, i know the pipettes number three, and on "dirty mind" they seemed infinite, but on the latest record, there are two, the devilish pipette, the one telling the guy to piss off, and the angelic pipette, who tenderly warns that, sooner or later, he's going to cry and probably want to hold her hand again. the angelic pipette naturally gets the chorus and it's a marvelous, ascending kind of thing, pierced by the d.p.'s cries of "NO, YOU DON'T KNOW IT!", w/ organs and strings and glocks (the happy kind). it's all over in 134 seconds--but only if you can resist the urge to press repeat.

my relationship w/ the pipettes started w/ a kiss, continued w/ a bang, and it's been sealed w/ a purchase of the t-shirt (look, they made it in vs&l's colors!)--oh, yes, it's that serious.

... and i hope it never ends.


jeremy said...

love it, reminds me of the raveonettes cover of "my boyfriend's back." you might cry...

Trixie said...

Thanks. Great to hear the single mix rather than a shabby demo copy!