16 February 2006

the concretes - "chosen one" (from the in colour lp, released april 4, available for preorder here.)

in brief : the concretes release an album, and suddenly spring seems a lot closer.

just as their self-titled debut's lead single "you can't hurry love" signaled the start of summer, "chosen one" from in colour beckons spring to come out of hiding. in full disclosure, it's fifty-eight degrees here in northern new jersey, several days after the nor'easter, so it's perhaps easier for me to envision meadows, dresses, and bare calves than others. it might, ultimately, just be a happy form of seasonal affect. it could be the synesthesia as well, "chosen one" calling to mind reds and oranges. in colour, indeed.

it's nowhere near as hyperkinetic as "you can't hurry love," but the charms of "chosen one" are just as immediate. from the start, w/ its interweaving of organ and guitar, "chosen one" sounds like a lost felt single from the creation era, suggesting that a band apart from belle & sebastian have been listening to forever breathes the lonely word. victoria bergsman is just as unconcerned about, well, everything as lawrence : she might allow herself to be loved by a boy, she might not--not a surprising stand given "you can't hurry love." it's the sort of attitude fostered by people wearing less clothing; by walking down a street, falling in love, turning a corner, and falling in love again : everyone seems available, everything seems possible. ideally, this is the song you'd hear drifting out of rolled-down windows.

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jeremy said...

thanks, i've been waiting for new concretes. and spring.

the vericonas are fun too, but not quite the true icons that the pipettes seem to be.