27 December 2005

wedding present - "california" (from the hit parade 1 lp, available for purchase here.)

i do three impressions well. none of them, it could be said, are really requested, but the least requested is my david gedge.

it has been requested, though, that i write about, or perhaps just post, the wedding present's "california." "california," released in june 1992, was the sixth single released in the weddoes' single-a-month project, compiled on hit parade. it's a a refreshing track, both musically and thematically, coming after the career zenith (and heavygoing) seamonsters. the band have been described as "the smiths on motorcycles," and that's a perfect description of much of their music, including seamonsters; "california," though, like the later "gazebo," is more like the smiths on mopeds, driving along the seaside. it's more acoustic strumming than highspeed riffing, while gedge's vocals are less strained--less, that is, gedgy--and more breathy.

and the lyrics! a discussion i like to have--and, again, there are few takers--is whose ex is the bigger bitch, gedge's or bobby wratten's? "california," though, is hopeful and wide-eyed. after an afternoon romp, gedge pleads for his girl not to get dressed so quickly; he'd like that image to remember the day by. of course, it wouldn't be a weddoes' song if there weren't some clouds on the horizon, even in sunny california. there's the suggestion that his girl might say "no" to his california trip, just as she may one day say "no" to him when he wants to get back together. melodramatic? an unwarranted leap of logic? yes, but that's precisely why one listens to the wedding present in the first place.

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Richard Baez said...

Splendid, Mr. Solinger! I bestow many blessings upon you and whatever progeny you may have already or may one day give forth.