19 December 2005

belle & sebastian - "the boy done wrong again (live)" (from the if you're feeling sinister (live) lp, available exclusively on itunes.)

in brief : yeah, yeah, it's charity--but i also didn't post, you know, "get me away from here i'm dying." and i found $50 on the ground the other day and gave it to the red cross, so.

it's probably apostasy to claim that belle & sebastian haven't made a capital-g great album, esp. given how much some people love if you're feeling sinister. (and while i'm digging a hole, if they've made a great album, it's dear catastrophe waitress.) but don't let me ruin this for you, particularly since this album was recorded to aid asian quake victims.

one of the reasons i don't see belle & sebastian live is, despite how much i love them, they have a surprisingly large portfolio of songs that i really don't want to hear. but! my, when they do play a number i like, the live performance really does make all the difference. according to both itunes and last.fm, "the boy done wrong again" is the least favorite but one ("mayfly") from if you're feeling sinister; for me, it's one of the four songs on that album i'd be happy to hear live.

though maybe "happy" isn't quite the word. indeed, perhaps the reason "wrong" rates so low is b/c it is a complete low; none of the chirpy good humor or irony to leaven what is total heartbreak. w/ a "WOOOO!" from the audience after the first line, and the applause that rounds it out, it all gets incredibly surreal. it has to be heard to be believed, and it can be heard at your local neighborhood itunes.

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