27 December 2005

east river pipe - "i'll walk my robot home" (from the what are you on lp, available for preorder here.)

some things i know about f.m. cornog: 1) we have the same first name 2) we were both raised in morris county, nj 3) lambchop have recorded his songs 4) he used to record for sarah records

what i didn't know was that he still made records; i must have lost touch w/ him along the way. but there's reason to become reacquainted, for he'll have a fine new record out in january. "i'll walk my robot home" is my favorite : it's a bit like xtc, ca. "the disappointed" (and, so, the beach boys); and since it mentions human / robots, i.e. robosexuals, i feel obligated for some reason to mention the flaming lips. no, the sum total, as indie calculus dictates, isn't clouds taste metallic, but rather something a whole lot less forced, much more affecting, and uniquely f.m. cornog.

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