23 December 2005

regular service will resume on tuesday, the 27th.

but, truth be told, i have v. little in the reserves.


if you perhaps came a little late to the site, or even if you didn't, i'll fulfill your requests nightly next week, sort of like hanukkah. so reply here or drop me an email, and i'll git-r-done.

merry christmas and happy hanukkah to all who celebrate; to the rest, enjoy your day off.


Anonymous said...

I read your site frequently, and enjoy both your writing and your taste in music. I'm trying to think of a request... how about "Nice When I Want Something" by the Loud Family?

Or can I request that you write about something rather than post a particular song? I noticed on your sidebar that you are listening to Tago Mago. I bought the reissue a few months back but only listened to it twice and didn't like it, so I haven't bought anything else by Can. Would you tell me what I'm missing? -- jonhope

Anonymous said...

BTW, have you visited ANAblog lately? They like the new A-Ha, just like you do! And they recently posted the originals of a bunch of songs covered by the Fall.
-- jonhope

fred said...

i'll write about 'tago mago' shortly, and i'll also post a track, probably 'halleluwah.' (it may be heresy, but i still think can is best listened to track-by-track. my favorite album remains 'anthology' i picked up years ago.

i will take anablog on recommendation. anyone who likes a-ha is all right by me!

gunesvara said...

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