22 December 2005

the delays - "out of nowhere" (from the rough trade sampler lp, rough trade website accessible here.)

in brief : ... which is precisely where new delays material came from. this time, surprisingly, they rock. (and the choice of band isn't meta-commentary on the fact that it took me until 7 to get something posted ... )

the delays may have gotten lost in the shuffle; "nearer than heaven," w/ a year to reflect on it, is one of the best singles of a decade half-over, and "long time coming," used in a stateside diamond commercial, is not far behind.

the band does pretty real well, aided by singer greg gilbert's enviable falsetto. at their best, they sound like a lost early-80's 4ad band. what they didn't do so well, and why faded seaside glamour was a disappointment when it was released, was rock. good news for the new album, to be released in early 2006 : they've got the knack.

or, rather, they've got early ride ep's. a streaking guitar line guides this one along, while gilbert, shorn of his falsetto, sounds like lee mavers must when people call "there she goes" a boo radleys song. the year hasn't even begun yet and already 2006 is shaping up nicely.

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