29 December 2005

foreign born - "we had pleasure" (from the we had pleasure single, available for purchase here.)

foreign born, as the band name might indicate, are one of those american bands signed to a uk label that brit crowds seems to like more than the band's native population. they are exactly the kind of band that anglophiles like yours truly are always suspicious of. it's a territorial thing, you see.

that said, i can happily report that the only thing i dislike about this single is the word "pleasure." we all have words that we all find personally abhorrent, and "pleasure" is such a word for me. (so too is "lover.") otherwise, it's all mostly to the good, "we had pleasure" could have been released in 1981 by a bunch of brits w/ funny hair and no one would be the wiser. of course, you'd be the wiser if you give it a listen ...

1 comment:

R. said...

Don't care much for "lover" either.

I'm also not a fan of some of the newer shortened version of words like "whatevs."

Yuck. Sounds really ugly.

Nice post, by the way.