07 December 2005

mystery jets - "alas agnes" (from the alas agnes single, import available for purchase here.)

finally, i hear what others have heard in the mystery jets since their debut single. a little structure is never a bad thing, and here the jets have made theirs out of the coral, "lola" by the kinks, and dexys ca. too-rye-ay, or in other words it's like kevin rowlands down on his knees beggin for a transvetite to get back w/ him, as banjos and mandolins and overalls dance around behind him. dont' let me be misunderstood, though; "alas agnes" doesn't have the pop nous of "come on, eileen"--few songs do. more realistically, "alas agnes" is like the decemberists if they got their noses out of books more often, which is a good idea from time to time, and a v. good idea for the mystery jets.

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