28 December 2005

slowdive - "catch the breeze (peel session)" (from the just for a day reissue, import available for purchase here.)

correct me if i'm wrong, but few bands have their career-spanning retrospectives named after a song from an ep released before their debut record. this peel version of "catch the breeze"--the song's first airing, predating both the holding our breath ep and just for a day, available only i believe on that recently reissued lp--how intuitive that anthology's compilers were. "catch the breeze" is the template; often, the band would match, rarely would they better it. the diaphanous, keening guitars give one the impression of refuse borne aloft, naturally, by the breeze; the closing maelstrom, perhaps the band's peak, sees that breeze roused to a gale. the listener finds himself stuck in a moment he's in no hurry to get out of, and the bonus material found on the new reissues allows him to tarry awhile.

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