16 December 2005

we here at vain, selfish & lazy make mistakes on occasion--though we stand by all of our opinions and judgments. we--meaning i--would like to take the opportunity to correct a few of these and, in the process, post some new music.

the long blondes songs posted the other day was not the a-side "separated by motorways," but rather the b-side "big infatuation." "separated by motorways" can be heard here. it is produced by the ubiquitous paul epworth. b-side wins again in my estimation, but it's a close call.

not too long ago, i posted a radio rip of richard ashcroft's new single, "break the night with colour." you can now here the studio version here.

lastly, the mystery jets song i put up recently, "alas agnes," was from their debut single. it is an earlier and, actually, inferior version when compared to the newly recorded single version, which you can get here.

thank you for your understanding and continued support.

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