08 December 2005

the spinto band - "mountains" (from the nice and nicely done lp, available for purchase here.)

mississippi's spinto band--that's right loyal readers, a band from the good old u s of a--sound a bit like ... well, actually, they sound a lot like (america's own) pavement, ca. terror twilight. except here, you have a band that's new and energetic and full of ideas, rather than one enervated and wondering if the name on lp jacket should be "pavement" or "malkmus," which is all the more remarkable when one realizes that the spinto band, having just released their debut this year, have been together as long as it took pavement to go from formation to disbanding. one of the those ideas is harmony vocals like something from a huey lewis record--which is good; the other is a glockenspiel--which is better. if you liked "carrot rope" and "spit on a stranger," but hated the rancor, the spinto band offer it up w/ bonhomie. one hopes they'll release at least one more album before breaking up, and before they next decade.

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