14 December 2005

long blondes - "big infatuation" (from the separated by motorways single, import available for purchase here.)

the long blondes are another angular recordings band, so think luxembourg, art brut, and the boyfriends (and, really, do think about them!). but also think of the strokes on the modern age ep, before anyone heard of them, and then imagine if they were as open to experimentation then as they have been recently, now that everyone has heard of them, and, really, it's ruined it for you. BUT! imagine if the v. presence of julian didn't keep the band from having a sense of humor; and imagine if they were fronted by a chick, which would make them so much better, and by my math = blondie.

i really wish i had more time to talk about this b-side, how it was, of all things, a professor of mine who alerted me to the band almost a year ago, how it became a bit of a running gag, and how this is really one of the best songs i've heard all year. but my internet was acting up this morning and, well, i've got to get to work. so just let me italicize the important part.

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