09 December 2005

liars - "it fit when i was a kid" (from the it fit when i was a kid ep, import available for purchase here.)

i never listened to the last liars record b/c it seemed to be universally hated by anyone whose opinion mattered to me. it could have sounded precisely like this record, but i don't know. certainly, it doesn't sound like the one song--it had a really long name--from the first album i liked. "it fit when i was a kid" sounds something like a mix between a black mass and the turtles's "you showed me," and one wonders if they'll go after liars like they went after de la soul.

i'm not quite sure if this record is good; it may actually be beyond good and bad. it's worth listening to, though. one thing that it isn't, however, is beyond good and evil. yes, it's worth listening to, but w/in the safety of your own home; should you be out somewhere, anywhere, and you hear this music, it might already be too late for you.

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