23 December 2005

howling bells - "setting sun" (from the howling bells lp, due out in april 2006; visit the band's website here.)

i feel awful right now--and i've got a lot of presents to wrap and i have to be up v. early tomorrow morning. yet, if there's one thing that soothes my phlegmy soul, it's this song by australia's howling bells. i know far too little about australia, other than that they are a beautiful people--frontchick juanita stein is truly a sight for bloodshot eyes--and that it's summer there now. still, i'm imagining that this is what it might sound like, if one were passing through the red australian desert as the sun sank. the opening is uneasy, there are sounds and voices, a quick reminder that one is in untamed country. but the chorus is stunning , rising and falling, guitars squalling and ringing. the combined effect is a blissful powerlessness in the face of some ancient power. and this is how it might look :

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