11 October 2005

television personalities - "the crying room" (from the and don't the kids just love it lp, available for purchase here.)

in brief : even punks cry.

the crying room is where, shortly after being elected, the new pope receives his vestments. it is so called b/c it is where the former cardinal, realizing the responsibilities and burdens of his new office, often experiences a catharsis, shedding not only his old name but also much of what he was as he ascends to the papacy.

"the crying room" is my second favorite television personalities song; my favorite is "look back in anger," and in my private world its pre-eminence is such that i'm never asked any of the following three questions: 1) "oh, you mean the play?" 2) "oh, you mean the david bowie song?" 3) "oh, you mean 'don't look back in anger.'" "the crying room" is the track that leads into "don't look back anger," and it is the penultimate track on and don't the kids just love it. it is, befitting its name, reflective and rueful, unsure of what it's doing, but sure that it must be done. though a brief instrumental, its pairing of melodica and acoustic guitar leaves a lasting impression.

it's an odd song to post, b/c those who know the band certainly know the song, though perhaps this will give them pause--and make them pause--before skipping right to the album's last track. on the other hand, those who don't know the band should make a beeline to "look back in anger." still, as i've warned before, the nighttime is my opportunity to be indulgent, and this song perfectly captured the season, the hour, and the weather (misting rain, light breeze, dropping temperature). like the crying room, though, the song should cleanse the new listener's palette and whet the appetite for all they have yet to discover.

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