03 October 2005

sugababes - "red dress" (from the taller in more ways lp, import available for preorder here.)
rachel stevens - "crazy boys" (from the come and get it lp, import available for preorder here.)

in brief : x marks the pop.

richard x
"freak like me"
"being nobody"
"finest dreams"
"some girls"
"chewing gum"
"round round"
"sound of the underground"
"the show"
"love machine"
"giving you up"

common link : best pop producers of the decade; songs don't get played on american radio; the letter "x"; the sugababes (and, after the release of come and get it, rachel stevens).
characteristics : x: backward-looking and forward-sounding; many songs sound like they could break into "fade to grey"; xeno: eclectic, sound ranges from skiffle ("love machine") to, well, richard x ("the show"); manic, befitting the name.
defining moments from posted songs : x: whisper of "crazy boys" during chorus; kettledrums; xeno: fuzz bass; motown horns; the double chorus, cf. "the show." (different than "that's what you get for falling in love" or "take a bottle, shake it up"--not a prechorus, hinting at the inevitability of the actual thing. on "red dress," the first chorus actually contains the title; one could be satisfied w/ just that. second chorus gives one options and sugar high.)
verdict : ???

(sorry, in a rush again. hope you enjoy, though!)


Anonymous said...

Good God, but that Sugababes song is pure evil. I've had it looped for the past two hours and it still shows no sigsn of quitting. I haven't heard anything so relentlessly listenable/danceable since Move Your Feet hijacked my summer of 2003. Am I out of mind for blowing my new releases budget for the week on this instead of Franz Ferdinand? Brilliant brilliant post.

Anonymous said...

Richard X is fabulous. I have such discerning tastes in music and all my favorites are import. I love the new Goldfrapp and the new Junior Senior and am running out to buy the new Andy Bell and possibly Ladytron.

fred said...

yes, a trend is developing. i might describe "vain, selfish & lazy" as catering to the people who buy imports--and getting them to buy *more* imports.

fred said...

speaking of imports, actually, what surprises me is that something rather obscure like the go! team gets an american release, whereas something megapopular (and, let's not mince words, *amazing*) like the last girls aloud album, doesn't. hm.