21 October 2005

don't know if i'm going to have time to post/write today, so let me at least point you to some music elsewhere.

first, new radiohead / pulp material ... sort of. "this is the night" is by the weird sisters, a band who will feature in the next harry potter movie, and it is composed of jarvis cocker, jonny greenwood, and phil selway. potter fans will love it, to be sure; then again, they'll pay $3.49 for a small chocolate frog. it won't make you forget this is hardcore, though if you're lucky, it'll help you forget kid a. (courtesy of ateaseweb.com.)

next, i've long thought that jens lekman has the best record collection in indie rock, what w/ samples of "i've got something on my mind" by the left banke and "give me just a little more time" by the chairmen of the board. this time out, he samples "heatwave," but he also gets really clever on the chorus, as you can hear for yourself. (courtesy of secretly canadian records.)

lastly, perhaps you've longed for the moment when cee-lo would meet up w/ a collaborator who bring out the closet freak in him. wait no longer--well, wait a little while until the gnarls barkley project is released, his collaboration w/ danger mouse. oh, but wait no longer to sample it: "crazy" can be heard here. vocally, cee-lo's never sounded better. (courtesy of spine magazine.)

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