04 October 2005

a poster on the last entry explained that he blew his new release budget on sugababes when he had intended on saving it for franz ferdinand. indeed, i hope you all have saved your pennies b/c here, if you live in the u.s., is a partial list of the albums you'll find in a store near you tomorrow:
fiona apple, extraordinary machine
beta band, the best of the beta band (second disc is a full concert)
broken social scene, broken social scene
ian brown, the greatest
the fall, fall heads roll
franz ferdinand, you could have it so much better w/ ...
the go! team, thunder, lightning, strike
ladytron, witching hour
magic numbers, magic numbers
my morning jacket, z
sinead o'connor, throw down your arms
liz phair, somebody's miracle
snoop dogg, the best of ...
talking heads dualdisc brick (boxed set of all of the studio albums, in cd and dvd-a format, w/ outtakes and videos)
twista, the day after


Anonymous said...

Yeah, that was me, and it was half in jest. I've been looking forward to today, October 4th, for months now - it's some miraculous convergence, a rare cosmic alignment like a total solar eclipse or the passing of a comet or some such or Mars in the house of Jupiter in the house of Saturn or some such astronomic/astrologic bunkum. The trifecta of Franz Ferdinand, Broken Social Scene (both of which I've already heard almost in their entirety) and (especially) the new Fiona Apple (heard the leak, natch, but have avoided the recut version) is a rather very embarrassing embarassment of riches. I'd get the Go! Team too but already bought it on import... Hopefully the Sugababes will show up in the Itunes store at 10 bucks, like their other releases, so I don't have to drop a cool 25+ on it next week.

fred said...

recently back from the record store. bought franz ferdinand and the go! team. i'll be posting something from the third album i bought today later. (ooh, mystery!)

(haven't heard anything to convince me from either bss or fiona apple, really.)

i had the uk version of 'tls' on mp3--just deleted it, actually. i kept two tracks, the two tracks that were most radically reworked (or reworked at all, really): "bottle rocket" and "everyone's a v.i.p. to someone," my two favorite tracks, incidentally. "bottle rocket" is different than the australian ep version i posted earlier. the opening fanfare is changed slightly from both, but retains the full-stop of the single version (not as good, on the whole). the framework of "v.i.p." is the same, but the arrangement during the middle-8 is different (and better).

but, yes, a hell of a day for releases. and God help you if you're a nickelback or james blunt fan. (take that as you will.)

Anonymous said...

Ah well, so you reckon the US release of TLS is worth the purchase. Only 8.99 at Newbury Comics, I should grab dat....
Hmmmmm......... But the Fiona is really worth the (re)buy(download)...Yes. A curious reworking of an already estalbished album, and a provocative experiment in bookending, if I may say so (as well as plenty of others have said). Is it actually Extraordinary...?

fred said...

well, it would depend on how much you like "hold yr terror close" and "we just won't be defeated." i like 'em both lots; if i were making a film, i'd have my female protagonist sing "hold yr terror close" as it's got a definite "moon river" / "raindrops keep falling on my head" thing going on.