06 October 2005

i've noticed that i type the word "import" frequently in my entries. looking over it, of the sixty-five or so mp3's i have posted, five or thereabouts are by recent american acts. there are several reasons for this: 1) i'm a professed anglophile 2) there are other blogs covering american music better than i could hope to 3) related to 2, i write from america; the majority of this page's readers are americans; i therefore post what we're all less likely to hear in these parts. lest i be accused of being unpatriotic--these are dangerous times, after all--below you'll find a listing of artists who've begun recording this decade; whom i love, like, or have liked; and what my response would be to new material from each.

scissor sisters (if only for "everybody wants the same thing")
the strokes (though not so much based on what i've heard recently)
the walkmen
kanye west
andrew w.k.

they're spotty, but often spectacular--so yeah:
lcd soundsystem
ludacris (though i realize he's now doing his ice cube thing)
bubba sparxxx (as long as he keeps either timbaland or organized noize w/in proximity)

sure, why not:
ryan adams
the decemberists
okkervil river

i'm dubious:
yeah yeah yeahs

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