20 October 2005

lambchop - "prepared" (from the colab ep, available for purchase here.)

in brief : lambchop ready the listener for the fall, in their old, unusual way.

the rain has stopped; the waters have receded; the sun, though growing more distant by the day, has returned; the leaves are turning; the air is more bracing; and the stars seem that much closer. truly, my autumn's done come. so what better way to mark this grand occasion than w/ a new lambchop track?

"prepared" is from a collaboration w/ electronic duo hands off cuba, fittingly called colab; the other songs on the ep are deconstructions of "prepared." the track itself is a paring back of the sound heard on c'mon / no, you c'mon, which is good news for those of you who loved the sparseness of is a woman, kurt wagner assuming the role of a rock 'n' roll garrison keillor, declaring himself "the most undisciplined of men."

i, on the other hand, came to lambchop through what another man spill's and nixon, full band albums proud of their soul influence, the latter perhaps my favorite album of the decade, w/in its grooves the v. sound of late november. "prepared," however, can make a similar claim: the chiming guitar heard on the refrain falls on the ear like dying leaves, its slow march in perfect step w/ the more relaxed tempo of the fall. in other words, have your sweater close by.

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