31 October 2005

nahpi - "do they know it's halloween? (th'corn gangg remix)" (from the do they know it's halloween? single, available for purchase here.

in brief : buy here to support a good cause. guaranteed more treats than tricks.

halloween has long been one of my favorite holidays, a day when it seems quite sensible to believe in the things that go bump in the night. like a scary film or a rollercoaster, it's a form of controlled fear: nothing too terrible usually happens. of course, as a kid, one is aware that it's just makeup and make believe, or is aware of the safe precautions and physics involved, but, if the effect is especially well done, even the oldest of kids sometimes can lose sight of that--thus, for me, the continuing appeal of halloween.

"do they know it's halloween?" is a celebration of that spirit, costumed as an "initiative" to stop the spread of halloween. i'd feel really bad about posting an all-proceeds-to-charity single if, one, i wasn't posting a remix and if, two, it's expiration date wasn't upon us. sure, "do they know it's christmas?" is still played throughout the year, twenty years later, but that's b/c it's about starving kids and not christmas. "halloween," unlike its namesake, isn't about starving kids, missing out on free halloween candy; instead, it's about halloween (and also, through unicef, about helping starving kids). so, if you're too old to go out and collect money door-to-door, and if you like this remix, go ahead and click here to purchase the single.

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