05 October 2005

king creosote - "not one bit ashamed" (from the kc rules ok lp, import available for purchase here.)

in brief : trying to break your heart ...

king creosote = kenny anderson; kenny anderson = brother of gordon; gordon anderson = lone pigeon; lone pigeon = co-founder of the beta band--indeed, they were originally calle the pigeons--and co-writer of "dry the rain" ("special thanks and love to gordon," it says in the three ep's liners).

(i imagine one could connect the entire scottish scene in similar six degrees fashion. part of that country's charm, really.)

both are a part of the scottish fence collective, an array of folks (including james yorkston & the athletes) who issue newsletters and records at a blinding clip. king creosote himself has released some twenty-odd (and mostly odd) records since 1998, but it's his last few that have brought him attention for being more than gordon's brother.

"not one bit ashamed" itself originally appeared on 2003's psalm clerk, in a drastically different form. those who've heard it might find the re-recorded version, backed by the earlies, somewhat lumbering when compared to its fleet-footed predecessor. the former starts off at a slower tempo, w/ tubas--no, wait, where are you going? the main difference between the two, though, is the shifting of lyrical burden, from "it's not good enough," which dominates the psalm clerk take, to the title phrase that brings the song to a close, but had been obscured in the earlier version.

the song moves along from a trot to, as drums are added, a canter to, at last, a gallop, w/ more, different horns being introduced, all of it carried along by anderson's warm vocal. "i gave you half of my heart and you gave a half-hearted shrug," he sings, bringing the song to its last act. it is an amazing--and heart-wrenching--thing to hear this song start its ascent; it's like watching the space shuttle take flight: one is amazed that something so immense can leave the ground and, after some initial resistance, w/ what ease, jettisoning all but the essentials. it is but one example from an album that helps kenny anderson establish his name. even in such a distinguished family, he has little to be ashamed of.

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