18 October 2005

m.i.a., "galang '05" (from the galang '05 single, import available for purchase here.)
editors, "bullets (single version)" (from the bullets single, import available for purchase here.)

in brief : getting to know you all over again ...

ok, my index finger is as tender as prime filet mignon, so i'm cheating today--my penance is giving you two songs.

both are re-recordings of the lead singles from two of 2005's finest debuts. the difference in "galang" is at the start: the chanty, survivor theme song-ish bits have been moved to the front, as if it's meant as a continuation from the original (ah yeah! again and again!) the difference in "bullets" is the end: they rewrote the parts that made it sound like interpol's "pda" while emphasizing the bits that make it sound like early u2. as a result, it's now a far more savage thing, befitting all of the talk about disease and the title "bullets."


g58 said...

Galang 05? Entirely unnecessary, isn't it? U r a QT is just dying to heard. Its text-messaging desperation is so perfect at this point in time within the history of the world... So why a re-recording instead, especially when it's just a little slice and dice that kinda spoils the climax of the original? No?

fred said...

no, no, i agree. i thought i had downloaded a fakey until i compared it to the itunes version. not sure what the purpose of it is; i imagine everyone who wants to hear her has done so by now. (pat on the back, then?)

if it's any consolation, one of the b-sides is a remix of "uraqt" by dj c.