07 October 2005

broken social scene - "ibi dreams of pavement (a better half)" (from the broken social scene lp, available for purchase here.)

i don't know who ibi is. a band member, maybe? (see? i can both take you inside the arcane worlds of certain bands, while remaining a charming outsider w/ others.) all i know is that bss are canadian which, in the last few years, is as good as saying to me that they're british. an effect of nafta, i reckon: all of the good music has gone north. i also quite enjoyed "almost crimes" from their first record, and i believe feist is a member, who is a little charmer.

ibi dreams of pavement, like so many (though, to be honest, the last malkmus solo album really wasn't that bad at all). ibi's particular dream is of the slanted & enchanted era; mine tend to drift that way too. so, "ibi" has admirable clang and clatter--but, what w/ the shouted vocals, one realizes that this is but a dream. stephen, if memory serves, never started a song shouting at the top of his lungs; instead, he work himself up to a fever pitch. also the horns leading to an anthemic closing? keep dreaming!

the bss album is getting a lot of great pub. i mean, look at that metascore! they'd be this year's arcade fire ... if they weren't two-years' ago's arcade fire. still, i'm not hearing much else, "it's all gonna break" aside, that's eminent diggable. this, though--this is a nice dream.

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