27 October 2005

rogue wave - "publish my love" (from the descended like vultures lp, available for purchase here.)

rogue wave, for those who don't remember 2003's out of the shadow, is largely the work of one man, zach rogue, which is just about the best name i've ever heard this side of joe romance, a former professor of mine. now, i don't have this on authority, but the "wave" part would seem to signal "new wave," which is what "publish my love" sounds like. another thing it sounds like is the work of another one-man band, brendan benson. the two acts, along w/ a lot of bands these days, share a healthy appreciation for the cars. while benson's approximation is a little too rundgren faithful, zach &c. add a heavy backbeat and a sense of dread seemingly anathema to benson. lest one forget, though, that they're signed to sub pop, there's the requisite lyrical opacity: is the title refrain a warning? a putdown? metaphor? the great thing about it is, as synthesizers whir and you're singing along, it doesn't really matter.

and that's all i have to say about that. bear in mind, there is no direct proportion between my garrulity and the song's quality. i could have, for instance, gone on about the name thing, and mention that a friend of mine had a professor named pun (pronounced pOOn) and he is fond of saying that he studied under dr. pun. nothing would be gained from that, though.

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