04 October 2005

professor murder - "champion"

b/c, unlike ... well, just about every other e-mail i've received from a band, jesse of professor murder was nice enough (wise enough?) to address me by name, i've put up a direct link to an mp3 by the band. (if you go to their website, you can hear more, read about upcoming shows, &c.)

"champion" sounds, at times, like an arthur russell production, like a band from brooklyn, and like the yeah yeah yeahs, ca. "machine" (and someone should, since that band doesn't seem interested in it--more's the pity). if i were to offer constructive criticism, i would suggest that they maybe settle on a few of these ideas, develop them further, and then run w/ it.

so, go, give them a listen. best of luck to professor murder. (and for the rest of you, let this serve as a lesson as to what good manners--and musical talent!--can do for you.)

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