15 March 2006

sugababes - "i bet you look good on the dancefloor"(from the red dress single, import available for purchase here.)

the other day i was playing the broken family band album at work. a co-work nattered on about how much they sound like modest mouse, a band i don't truck w/.

"what if this was all a masquerade, and they turned out to be modest mouse?" he asked.

"what if! what if your aunt was your uncle? what if the last four girls i was interested in didn't have boyfriends? what if the sugababes covered 'i bet you look good on the dancefloor'?"

well, what then? i like the sugababes, this is known; "dancefloor" is the b-side to vs&l favorite "red dress." i'm not sure how i feel about this song, though, as w/ "freak like me," it shows the group's willingness to tango w/ whatever is in fashion at the time (although, yes, the arctic monkeys are somewhat less progressive than the mash-up). it's more appropriate in one sense b/c the 'babes are familiar w/ the dancefloor whereas the monkeys remind me of so many of my friends, content to merely stand against the wall and watch the girls on the dancefloor.

it sounds better on the dancefloor, and that has as much to do w/ the production as it does w/ the 'babes' voices. the monkeys take is rigid, v. much like someone doing the robot in 1984; the 'babes by comparison are far more fluid--and also sound like they mean business, more liable to come away w/ either a number or the boy himself.

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