14 March 2006

simple minds - "someone" (from the life in a day lp, import available for purchase here.)

in brief : and, yes, while you can still sing from memory the song from the breakfast club, i bet you've forgotten all about the first several simple minds albums, if anyone had ever drawn your attention to them in the first place. (truly : the debut is the only place you can find "someone"!)

i don't know if they've started trading on their past yet, but someone somewhere should tell simple minds to; "someone" really is one of the great lp openers of the last twenty-years. it takes the first five or so roxy music singles and the first magazine lp's and speeds through them in three-and-a-half minutes. the emphasis here is on speed, which is the pace, not the drug that helped them accomplish this.

no, love isn't the drug either, nor is heroin. simple minds have always been unfashionable--not for them sexy cover models and fucking on the permafrost--and so it is w/ their drug of choice. "someone" reminds one of nothing so much as a caffeine high, the product of some ill-considered cocktail of jolt cola and mountain dew. none the less, it ends in the most spectacular results, and finishes w/ a steep falling off, the caffeine high over. but, while it lasts, what a rush!

(trivia : the roxy music connection extends into their popular period. guess who was originally meant to sing "don't you forget about me"? hint : it wasn't phil manzanera.)

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