01 March 2006

the knife - "neverland" (from the silent shout lp, released march 20, import available for preorder here.)

in brief : "when people think of sweden i think they have the wrong idea," jens lekman sang. "like cliff richard who thought it was just porn and gonorrhea." but maybe sir cliff was a little right?

"neverland" is dirty business.

or maybe it's not; i find karin awfully difficult to understand at times, esp. through all of the effects and filters. it sounds to me that she's sings the words "dancing for dollars for a filthy man." which really sums the song up (or otherwise says more about me than i'd wish to reveal).

the music is like weimar techno; it thumps and thuds and generally assaults the senses, and certain sensibilities. it's also muffled and muted, like music from another room, overheard from behind a closed door. the singer hates what she has to do, but she'd sleep better if she really hated it more.

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