10 March 2006

jim noir - "tower of love" (from the tower of love lp, import available for purchase here.)

FUCK. this is great. "tower of love" was the first song i heard this morning, straight out of bed. i threw my windows open--after dressing, natch--and let the sixty-six degree weather in. all right, it's overcast, but this is music that's not unfamiliar w/ a little rain.

it's a bit like floating down a lazy river, or a moon river for that matter--percy faith meets mancini. there's a calliope and tack piano and an immense orchestra that seems to be emitting one warm, enveloping sound. there's also a bit of a sad undercurrent, like a brian wilson instrumental; one is happy for the moment, but where to next? if this were the 60s, it might be released on a&m records; since it's actually 2006, you might've missed it, and it really is music you'd miss.

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Richard said...

This song is one lovely tonic.