21 March 2006

sondre lerche - "everyone's rooting for you" (from the duper sessions lp, released today, available for purchase here.)

everyone needs songs to sing when they're winning, and sondre lerche has written a song here expressly for that purpose. everyone also needs to own chet baker sings; but if you have that album already, and would like a jazz vocal album you can listen to in the wee hours and still respect yourself in the morning, again, sondre lerche is happy to oblige.

"everyone's rooting for you," though, is perfect sunday morning music. it moves at a brisk pace, but it's not in a rush; it stretches out and emits a sonorous yawn; plinking pianos strike the listener's ears like a warm preprandial shower, while upright bass helps you pick out your sunday best. the trumpet is missing, but sondre's wise enough to know that there will never be another chet. regardless, this is music that will help you find the silver lining.


today also sees the release of lp's from vs&l favorites like editors (buy!) and the essex green (buy!). also, today is the release date of the new prince album, whose music i know better than to post (buy!).

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