23 March 2006

zero 7 feat. jose gonzalez - "futures" (from the futures 7", import available for purchase here.)
the radio dept. - "what you sell" (from the worst taste in music single, released april 10, import available for preorder here.)

zero 7 is an odd choice for me; jose gonzalez, not so much, as regulars will note. but zero 7--yeah, i tend to think of them as dance music for people who have no time for dance music. this collab does both artists v. nicely, though : jose gives zero 7 some structure; zero 7 gives him some color, much-needed color at that since the boy & his guitar thing can only go so far. (i mean, seriously, jose, haven't you heard bryter layter?) perhaps i shouldn't admit this but my favorite part of the song is after jose's finished, when a lovely little keyb blip, a beautiful neon bubble, rises to the surface.

the radio dept is not an odd choice, esp. since "where damage isn't already done" is one of my favorite tracks of the zero-zeros. "what you sell" is somewhat different from past offerings; it could be from any great teenager flick from the 80's. this is the song lane meyer would play for monique on the pitcher's mound at dodgers stadium if he played a casio instead of the sax (b/c girls love the sax; few other people do, though).

both of these songs are colossally springtime, though the same can't be said of the conditions here. forecastfox is calling for a p.m. snow shower on saturday. this is what i get--well, this is what i get for living.

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