02 March 2006

destroyer - "3000 flowers" (from the destroyer's rubies lp, available for purchase here.)

things are portentous as usual in dan bejar's world : the ships have scars where their talons used to be; shadows are abundant, carted around in tumbrels; and rhode island sinks into the ocean.

oh, but all of this bodes well for the listener! "3000 flowers" is one of his greatest guitar anthems, like "'heroes'" for the world of warcraft set. the tune rattles and crunches along w/ fervor, pianos and horns prancing around and then directing clashing w/ destroyer's axe. bejar, for his part, has never been in better voice; coincidentally, he's never sounded more like tom rapp of pearls before swine, either in his tone or in his imagery. plus : the ending thrash gives me the rare opportunity to use one of my favorite adjectives, "skronky."

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