08 March 2006

i would've sworn that i posted "lonely days" by the future bible heroes last night. to make up for it, here are two new tracks.

be your own pet - "adventure" (from the be your own pet lp, released march 27, import available for preorder here.)
??? - "???" (more mystery, more potential litigation.)

to this point, the appeal of be your own pet has utterly passed me by; they've seemed to me like a band that only the lead singer's boyfriend could like, b/c, you know, he has to. (admittedly, jemima is cute, so he has incentive.) there would seem to be no reason whatsoever for me, then, to like "adventure" which at two-plus minutes is more than twice as long as their usual fare.

but, i do, quite a lot, i have to say. it's pitched somewhere between the yeah yeah yeahs and bikini kill, w/ kathleen in full-on valley girl mode. plus, it brings me nostalgia; the childishness of it, its incredibly naive spirit, whether put on or not, reminds me of games i'd participate in on the playground at my elementary school. memories of forts in one's backyard come flooding back. plus, it rocks w/ great economy.

the other track is from another high-profile release; it's probably the person many of you thought i had posted yesterday. (more mystery? more misery is more like it.) this has proven to me to be the highlight of the album so far.

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Trixie said...

I love adventure. We've been 'ripping up the dancefloor' with it at Popstarz for a while now.