30 March 2006

caetano veloso - "irene" (from the tropicalia : a brazilian revolution in sound lp, released april 4, available for preorder here.)

you'll likely not care that "irene" was the nickname of a revolutionary compatriot's machine gun; no notes of discord are introduced into the record until it's just about too late. whether you should care is something you'll have to tussle w/ alone in the dark.

but, perhaps, you won't be tussling alone in the dark after all. "irene" is the type of song that's like wind through your hair on a spring day; better still are a lover's fingers through the hair and other places. contented relationships, though, don't seem to make for the best revolutionaries. again, how you listen to this record is entirely up to you, but rest assured your decision will say a lot about you.

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Anonymous said...

the story of Irene being named after a machine gun (owned by gangster-like politician TenĂ³rio Calvacanti, who was sinisterly known as 'the Man in the Black Cloak') sure SOUNDS cool, but Veloso tells us in his autobiography Irene is the name of his youngest, favorite sister whose visits to him in prison helped him make it through.