29 March 2006

sunny day sets fire - "brainless" (from the brainless 7", import available for purchase here.)

polyphonic spree fans take note. more so, though, polyphonic spree haters take note.

if you just couldn't get into that band; if you couldn't shake the sense that they were having a go at you; if they were just too damned sweet for you, sunny day sets fire gets the job done w/ only half the sugar. the parping brass, the massed (but not choral) vocals, the thrumming guitars--all are present and accounted for, but w/ a lo-fi sound that gives it a bit of bite.

it's like a great diabetic dessert. (is there such a thing? i hope so, b/c we're well on our way.) and, besides, everything sounds better w/ the onset of warm weather. while sunny day sets fire also reaches for the sun, unlike a similar band, there's something in their sound that suggests that they know too well the sting of sunburn, amongst other things.

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